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Illuminate Natural Medicine

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Illuminate emblemIlluminate Natural Medicine is managed by two naturopaths and Western herbalists – Jason Hawrelak and Dawn Whitten.

Dawn and Jason share a passion for herbal and naturopathic medicine and believe strongly in the importance of the profession developing a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) approach that is independent of industry influence.

This is important, not only for the quality of care our patients receive, but also for the image we present to other health professions.

Our profession needs to develop a rigorous, independent CPE culture and shift the dependence away from industry-based CPE.

Illuminate’s approach is based on the blending of traditional and contemporary evidence . We will discuss evidence from not only randomised, controlled trials and meta-analyses, but importantly, evidence from the herbal medicine tradition, explored within the context of naturopathic philosophy and our clinical experience.

Illuminate Natural Medicine’s mission is to provide high-quality CPE that is easily accessible, up-to-date, clinically relevant, and independent from industry bias.

Last modified on 31 March 2016
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